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Alter eco

Creating a better Social environment
“ the earth provides enough to satisfy each mans need but not enough to satisfy each mans greed”

Alter eco is dedicated to promoting and developing ideas and projects that are environment and ecologically friendly.

We are interested in the fields of clean water, basic health care, transport, alternate energy, afforestation, plantation, village industries and all types of recycling in the urban and rural areas

Our project ideas are based on utilizing latest alternate and eco-friendly methods and technology and especially in blending them with traditional ideas, methods and skills to create a do- able enterprise. The emphasis is on small social enterprises that provide employment and basic amenities for the public especially the under privileged.

These projects will not only provide work for the unemployed youth with little or no education and skills but will utilize this "lost generation" to create a "greener" and eco-friendly world. The aim is to create a better social environment through the application of innovative ideas.


We identify project partners and provide guidelines on structuring planning, financing and how to start up and implement projects

1. Water treatment
2. Methane from waste water
3. Bio gas
4. Recycling paper, glass, plastics
5. Conversion of existing transport to Electric / alternate modes of power
6. Mud bricks for cheaper housing
7. Solar power
8. Plantation of fruit trees and other useful trees plants and herbs
9. Re forestation of denuded areas
10. Livestock rearing and proper utilization
11. Bio fertilizers
12. Alternate pesticide
13. Basic education and training in above fields and environmental sciences
14. Development of indigenous crafts and arts in villages
15. Agrivilles within urban areas


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